Design links to amuse and inspire

Here at Design Drops, we realise that this is not the only thing online that designers enjoy, so we thought we’d share some links that we have been reading lately.

It’s hard to go past, a hilarious contributor-driven blog about the kinds of requests/discussion/suggestions that designers have to put up with every day. Some real gems here, including:

As far as the logo goes, I’m just looking for the name in a circle with some fire shit around it.

There’s always something new and it’s worth bookmarking.

On a similar theme, US based web design company Agency Fusion, shows it has a sense of humour with its Make My Logo Bigger Cream advertisement, which has generated more than 800,000 unique hits and resulted in 700-plus calls about its services. It’s what the rest of us dream about.

Travis Boyles, a disgruntled copywriter who also has a dream and an amusing turn of phrase, has posted on craigslist that I’d do Anything. I hope he got a gig.

Or how about Ikea-inspired instruction for building Stonehenge?

And if you’re bored, you can always test your knowledge with the brand alphabet quiz. It’s not an easy as you might think.

We’d love to hear if any readers have some fun links to share. Post a comment with the link and we’ll feature them in a future post.