Some freebies for Christmas


It’s that time of year again. Time to drag out the Christmas designs and try and find something new and fresh involving bells, baubles, presents and the fat man in the red suit.

Finding inspiration an be tough when it seems as if everything has been done before. So Design Drops has done the leg work for you and found the best Christmas resources on the Net – one each of fonts, images, wallpaper, web templates and icons. We hope they get the creative juices flowing. And, even better, we have restricted our search to free downloads.


1/ Fonts

We love seeing new and unusual fonts, and there are some really great ones out there. But The Gaea Times ( has collected 20 of the best. It may be twee, but we like this


As you can imagine, Christmas images are a dime a dozon at the moment. The free site, stock.xchng ( has it pretty much covered, from santas to snowmen. The main image on this page is from there, and there are 999 others to choose from (20 a page, 50 pages). Happy browsing.


How can anyone go past a site with a URL that says it all: With hundreds to choose from it’s hard to decide.

4/ Web templates

Honestly? There are not that many great free options out there. For some inspiration, have a look at webdiner (, which has a small selection, including a guestbook page template and a Channukah template. has a single free template download that pretty much ticks all the boxes. Santa? Check. Christmas tree? Check. Baubles? Check. Snowmen? Check.

5/ Icons

Designers often go to Smashing Magazine for inspiration, and this year, the popular e-zine has been rewarded with two designers (and one very intriguing Russian design studio) designing some icons for Smashing to offer its afficianadoes. The designs are by no means run of the mill and there is something there for everyone. Go to


If you see any other great resources, let us know.

Merry Christmas from Design Drops.