How to find the perfect color palette

Being a cartoonist at heart, colour has always been something I have struggled with. Finding the right colour combination for the right situation is so important. It can really make or break your design.

Over the last few weeks i have been trying to recreate my own corporate identity and colour is, as always, proving to be a challenge.

As a result I have started using a variety of online resources to help. And here they are;


My favourite so far, Dribbble has a great feature that allows you to select a colour from the design that you are viewing, and the engine will show you all of the designs that use that same colour, so you can very quickly see some fantastic designs in the colours that you are thinking about using. It’s a brilliant tool for finding inspiration. Check out the colour bar to the side of any design and just select the colour you like.

Blue colour palettes

Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers has a very good page called “trends”which shows a lot of examples of the latest colour combinations around the web at the moment.

Colour palettes


Valery Schultz on Pinterest

Valery has created a Pinterest board that shows a lot of very nice colour combos. Although they are all very feminine, there are some great colour palettes there.


These guys have created an excellent blog post showing some great web designs using very modern colour palettes. Also worth a look.

Mother Nature

And finally, the queen of all perfect colour palettes, mother nature. Purely due to the fact that we humans are programmed from birth to see natural colour combinations as “normal” it is almost impossible to go wrong if you take a colour palette from a natural setting. just about any combination you see in nature will create a harmonious palette.

Here is a good set of colour posters from nature photographers that have also provided some useful ideas for me over the past few months.