5 great new fonts

Some people dream about winning the lottery, or finding the perfect partner, or landing the killer job. Me, I dream about designing the perfect font. It would be sans serif, and have applications for both business and personal use. It would be more professional than  arial or verdana, but at the same time be as cheeky as gill sans, or calibri.

So, in honour of my heroes – the world’s font designers – may I present the best new fonts in the International Typeface Corporation’s library, as well as www.myfonts.com , www.fonts.com and other online rsources, over the past few months.

Delight is a fresh typeface that takes its cue from WWII advertising scripts. Even those of us that are not fans of script fonts will be charmed by this.

Zoo 300 is Green Type’s new geometric typeface. A nice sans serif with a casual feel.

Supria Sans, designed by Hannes Von Dohren, is both utalitarian and playful, depending on the weight and whether it is italicised. A clever, universal typeface.

Another Hannes Von Dohren typface, Klint is technical in appearance, it imparts authority and draws the reader in.

No collection would be complete without an example from the master of fonts, Matthew Carter. Carter has been designing fonts for about 40 years and was the brains behind Verdana and Tahoma.